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Baba Ram Das Vidyapeeth is not mere an educational institute but it stands for a commitment to rise above the confines of conventional education. It aims to transform the nascent mind into literal fountainhead of ideals and is committed to excel.
The school has started its first academic session in April 2006 from the classes Pre-Nursery to VII to impart broad education to boys and girls with an aim to develop their mind physique, skills, personality and leadership traits to shape them into dynamic, productive, responsible, credible and global citizens. The school is affiliated to CBSE up to class XII vide affiliation code number 530611.

Baba Ram Das Vidyapeeth was founded by Vaidya Devinder Batra Ji on June 1992 as a mark of tribute to the memory of Late Reverend Sh. Baba Ram Das Ji Giri Kali Kamli Wale, who was a great saint and a philanthropist. Baba Ram Das Ji spent his all life in the upliftment of miserable, needy and suffering people. Now Baba Ji is working through his reincarnation of Vaidya Devinder Batra Ji. Vaidya Devinder Batra Ji does everything which is instructed to him by Reverend Baba Ram Das ji Giri, Kali Kamli Wale. The Vidyapeeth was inaugurated on 30th March 2006 by the joint secretary, Haryana Govt. Mr. Ashok Yadav IAS. The Vidyapeeth was actually born on the 2nd April 2006 with classes, Pre-Nursery to VII, with 700 students.
Baba Ram Das Vidyapeeth is a wholehearted and revolutionary effort of Baba Ram Das Ji Giri Charitable Trust with a vision of providing good quality education at nominal fee. Many young minds remain unexplored due to the financial restrains, unawareness or sometimes driven by stereotypes and many of those who have means and access to the latest become a part of the western wind completely forgetting our own roots. Baba Ram Das Vidyapeeth is a sincere effort to blend tradition with modernity.

The School is run by a registered society. Namely, BABA RAM DAS JI GIRI CHARITABLE TRUST, KARNAL.
We at BABA RAM DAS VIDYAPEETH, shall create an atmosphere of academic excellence by providing Child Centred Education so that the children can imbibe all the basic values and education to become a good citizen of the country.

Over all development of the students to make them self reliant.
Development of love for knowledge & learning, free thinking and individual skills.
Developing the students into countable, credible and productive citizens of the country by inculcating among them the human values and dignity of work.
Expansion of mental horizons through exposure to the latest in the ever- changing world.
Providing equal rights and opportunities to each and every student.
Foster the spirit and desire to perform with excellence.
To help the students to identify their individuality and help them to grow as unique person in this global village.

To evolve as a centre of educational excellence that engenders leaders, thinkers, achievers and most importantly good human beings, each with the confidence to excel.
The Vidyapeeth nurtures young minds through comprehensive all-round learning to garner knowledge and wisdom. Undoubtedly, it can be said that child is the father of man. Habits and basic traits of character are formed in the impressionable years spent at school which is indeed the nursery for lettering children grow up into responsible citizens, men of character, leaders, administrators and above all, good human being. To satisfy the educational needs of learners and nourish as well as develop the child’s mind in the right way is the most sensitive and rewarding job which can be undertaken by a school.

Our school emblem is a well synchronized embodiment of purity and justice. It’s an old saying that live your life like a swan who makes the separation of extra added water mixing in milk with its beak. It’s the scientific peculiarity of the swan who gives us a message to be honest in all walks of life. Secondly, It has been the vahan of Maa Saraswati who gives us a great and a peculiar Mantra for imbibing education as well as rising in education i.e. Om Namah Sidham. Therefore, our school emblem inspires and directs what and how to seek to excel in all spheres of life by observing five Virtues that are our Vidyapeeth’s Motto and the same are being inculcated in the students of Vidyapeeth by developing them physically, intellectually, emotionally, psychically and spiritually.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Vidyapeeth is situated in the lap of nature in Kulvehri a village in the municipal limits of Karnal. It is 10 Km from Karnal Railway Station, 8 Km from Local Bus Stand, 6 Km from ITI Bye-Pass and 3 Km from Civil Aviation Club Karnal. Vidyapeeth is connected with metal road from Kulvehri to Kunjpura - a satellite town of Karnal.

Unique ‘O’ shaped triple story building painted in tri colour is covered with carefully planted trees and lush green lawns lends a tranquil aura to the campus. The building has four entry and exit doors named after the four Vedas. Four doors also symbolize the equality for all the four sections (Vern) of the society.

Spread over 5˝ Acers of land with vast playgrounds, carefully planted trees, lush green lawns, hedges and creeps with a botanical garden adds to the majestic look of the building. Vidyapeeth provides a perfect learning environment to the students and ensures that students not only benefit from what happens within the class rooms but also beyond that.

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